Significance of Goddess Kaalratri – Day 7

Day 7 : Kaalratri

Kaalratri (sometimes spelled Kaalratri) is the seventh of the nine forms of the Goddess Durga, known as the Navadurga. She is first referenced in the Durga Saptashati, Chapters 81-93 of the Markandeya Purana, the earliest known literature on the Goddess Durga. Kaalratri is widely regarded as one of the many destructive forms of the Mother Goddess, which include Kali, Mahakali, Bhadrakali, Bhairavi, Mrityu, Rudrani, Chamunda, Chandi and Durga.

Form of Devi :

Ma Kaalratri is the most terrorizing forms of Durga. Her complexion is dark as night ad has untied bountiful hair. She has four hands and carries a scimitar and a thunder bolt in two of her hands. Other two hands are held inn the form of ‘giving’ and ‘protecting’. She has three eyes and flames come out of her nostrils when she breathes. Her necklace shines like the Moon shines in the night. Her mount is a donkey. She is also referred as Shubhankari as she always brings auspicious results to her devoteesStory of Devi Kaalratri :There are many stories behind this terrorizing form of Durga. Once, two demons named Shumbha and Nishumbha invaded devaloka and defeated Indra and his Army. After losing his kingdom, Swarga, Indra along with all the other gods went towards the Himalayas to seek help. They prayed to goddess Parvati and sought her assistance in getting their kingdom back.
Parvati created Chandi and sent her to kill the demons. In the battlefield, Shumbha and Nishumbha sent two demons Chanda and Munda. Chandi created another goddess, Kali, to fight Chanda-Munda. Kali killed both of them and thus came to be known as Chamunda.
Another demon, Raktabeej, was sent to kill Kali. Rakta means blood and beej means seed in Hindi. Raktabeej had a boon, which he had received from Brahma, that as soon as a drop of his blood would fall on the ground, a look-a-like of Raktabeej would be created. This meant that drop of his bloof that would fall on the ground would act as a seed from which another demon, similar to Raktabeej would appear.
When Kaalratri saw this, she realised that is impossible to kill Raktabeej as long as his blood falls on the ground. A furious Ma Kaalratri started drinking the blood of each clone of Raktabeej that she attacked to prevent the blood from dropping on the ground. This way she killed Raktabeej.
Chandi also killed Shumbha – Nishumbha and thus help Indra and other gods win back their kingdom from the demons.Spiritual Significant of Devi Kaalratri by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi ShankarThe seventh form of the Mother Divine is said to be Kaalratri.
It is a very fierce and terrifying form of the Mother Divine. There can be no form more terrifying than this in the entire Creation but even this terrifying form has a motherly aspect to it.
The Kaalratri form of the Mother Divine is said to bestow Jnana (knowledge) and Vairagya (dispassion).

Kaalratri Mantra :

एकवेणी जपाकर्णपूरा नग्ना खरास्थिता।
लम्बोष्ठी कर्णिकाकर्णी तैलाभ्यक्त शरीरिणी॥
वामपादोल्लसल्लोह लताकण्टकभूषणा।
वर्धन मूर्धध्वजा कृष्णा कालरात्रिर्भयङ्करी॥

Meaning: “She is naked, rides on an donkey, has a long tongue, lustrous body, wears ornaments on her legs like lightning, is black in color, has unlocked hair, big eyes and ears and is very dangerous looking. Meditating on this form of Kalratri removes all obstacles as well as removes all magical effects created by others.”

Colour of the Day : Grey

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